Hello world!

Dear Readers,

In light of recent events in my life, I have been convicted to set aside time for inner reflection and to reevaluate my personal mission, passions, and drive. In so doing I have come to the conclusion that I desire to embark on the journey of a blogger.  I have often dreamed of becoming a life coach, an author, a motivational speaker, etc. I don’t know that this dream will ever come to fruition, and I am at peace with that. But I do know that I enjoy helping others, and blogging will potentially be an outlet for me to offer some sustainable advice to women who are experiencing similar life obstacles and experiences that I am facing.

My main audience will be young women,  who are fearless, intellectually curious, and devoted to getting the most they can out of this thing we call life. Although if men feel so inclined to read this, go for it! (And please, feel free to comment with a male’s perspective on things)! I intend to post about ‘healthy living’ and ‘living well’  topics and I anticipate creating a forum that will inspire young women to feel confident about their life choices. As some of you know, I am very passionate about nutrition and exercise; and I have done an incredible amount of research on the topic. I want to approach this blog as a way to synthesize some of the healthiest tips out there,and also  to post some things that I have experimented with and found useful. I intend to post exercise tips, stories, and healthy/yummy recipes. I am also considerably passionate about seeking mental strength and balance. I place a significant amount of value on self-esteem and building personal confidence and motivation, and I plan to write about my thoughts on this as well.

On a personal note, as I approach my mid-twenties, I have experienced quite a bit of anxiety when I contemplate life’s purpose. Recently, my sole intent has been to embrace the right that the God I worship has blessed each of us with, which is the right to a joyful life. With regards to this, I have committed a little time to research, and a lot more to inner-discovery. A personal objective for hosting this blog is to document my experiences and the things I am discovering about myself and about life. I want to document significant events, and my emotions through this time in my life. In this way, a private journal would probably suffice, but my hope is that a blog will keep me accountable to writing regularly.

At this time I am uncertain if the blog will continue into other phases and pieces of my life journey. (For example, when I become a mother, the blog may subsequently become a ‘healthy-parenting’ blog.) I suppose for now the goal is to just sort of take it post by post and see where it leads. No doubt there will be weeks where I simply cannot think of ideas to write about, I guess the hope in this respect is that blogging will come full circle and inspire me to live with more intention and develop an eye for thought-provoking ideas for discussion.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy this as much as I will enjoy writing it all.

~  C


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