My January Rant: Counting miles beats counting calories every time

Oh January here we go again. Here we go with the overcrowded gyms, parks, and trails. Here we go with all of the diets. Here we go with all the cheating and guilt. And here we go with all the resolution fails.

 I decided to go for a run in the park across from my house last night. Now typically I am an A.M. runner, but I worked early yesterday and chose to get my run in when I got home. Only to find that everyone else had the same thought, leaving the sidewalk overwhelmingly crowded. And how about those people who want to run Olympic speeds and then stop right in front of you, because they forgot to breath. UGH. Nothing against newbies or beginners. I was there. I know what it feels like to be in pain from a half mile jog. But understand that there is something called courtesy. If you are new, start in your neighborhood, or on a treadmill, or during a down time in the park when it’s not full. KTHANKS.

 And what about all of our favorite TV commercials marketing low-cal-snacks and candy. Every other commercial right now is another thin, gorgeous female enjoying a creamy, chocolaty brownie, with a male voice-over telling you it’s less than 100 calories. I am sorry if you find this offensive, but calorie counting is BS!

You will not lose weight or gain any sense of health benefits by consuming a 90 calorie snack that is processed by combining so many different crappy ingredients that we can’t even pronounce. Not only that, but don’t let the commercials fool you, those things do no taste indulgent by anyone who has ever tasted real chocolate before.

 It was pointed out to me that if you order the right things off the menu, you could technically eat a 1,200 calorie diet by going to McDonald’s for all three meals of the day. Will you lose weight by doing that? NO. Will you feel healthy in the slightest? NO. Will you even feel full? Probably not.

People, the answer is not to bog your mind down with the numbers of calories or amount of pounds you want to lose. This is my challenge. Try eating healthy, whole, natural foods for a month. No eating out. Nothing processed. Just plain you and the foods that God has blessed this earth with. See how it goes. I promise you will feel more energetic, healthy, and you might lose some weight along the way too. And as far as the chocolate goes, here is what I say: eat generally healthy foods, and then treat yourself to a small piece of organic chocolate every now and then. It will taste better because it’s real, and if you can limit yourself to a small piece, it won’t throw too much off.

 OH and those of you that are just now jumping on the running (or other form of exercise) bandwagon. STICK WITH IT. The first few weeks are the hardest. Trust that you are strong and you can do this. My hope for you is that you will fall in love with the runners high, join the ever-growing running community, and learn to count the number of miles you can run, and forget about counting the calories. And next year you can be the one annoyed by the resolutionists ;)


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