Muscle restart work out

I realized the other day that I am potentially very close to injury in my running. I have gotten so comfortable with just leaving the house for a run that I have completely neglected all other forms of cross-training. I haven’t had a good extended stretch session or done any strength training in months. No wonder I feel so weak :( So I decided I needed to push myself to restart my muscles and then get back into a more diverse weekly workout routine.

This morning I set out to begin working on building muscle again, I call this a muscle restart because its not to challenging but it hits each of the core areas and pushes your muscles to start working again. Here’s the workout:

2 miles on the treadmill with mix of speed and some incline work.

Rest and stretch for 5 minutes. Be sure to stretch hip flexors and back really well, among other total body stretches.

Then do this circuit 3 times through:
8 weighted squats
5 walking lunges
15 of your preferred style crunch: I like suitcases (lay flat then pull knees to meet elbows using your core muscles)
8 push ups
25 calf raises

After this your body should be sufficiently sore.

This workout or another form of strength work out should be completed a couple times a week to maintain muscle strength. This is vital for runners working to improve both speed and endurance.


5 thoughts on “Muscle restart work out

    1. CourtLeanne Post author

      Great! I am planning on running a half this year as well! Just remember to get in at least one longer run each week to get your body ready for the distances. If you build up to longer distances slowly, you will reduce the shock on your legs and joints. Happy training!


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