A Pilates Newbie

Tuesday’s have become somewhat of my busy day of the week because I have to work in the morning and then head over to campus for an evening class. There is not enough time in between that it would make sense to go home, but there is certainly enough time to get in a workout at the gym on campus. So yesterday, myself and my bestie resolved to try out a Pilate’s class taught on campus. And even better, we were trying out a whole new exercise space, because UCF just recently opened a new smaller gym on the other side of campus, which houses the Tuesday afternoon Pilates class.

These group fitness classes can be hit or miss because there is such a variety of experience level at the university. I have popped in on classes where I was one of the lowest level fitness wise, and I have been in others that didn’t challenge me whatsoever. I haven’t ever actually been to a Pilate’s class and have always wanted to try it out, because I love Yoga so much and I know there is some similarity.  I was a bit nervous going in, I wanted the class to be challenging in a kick-my-butt kind of way, but I also didn’t want to be completely lost and struggling.

As we walked up I was excited to see that I recognized another friend waiting there, who is a regular Pilate’s goer. After catching up a moment, she informed us that this teacher was one of the more difficult ones. Excited for a solid workout, 25 ladies crowded into the mind-body studio. Our teacher started the class by enlightening us that while her class would be difficult, it would provide us with a great workout if we worked at it. Her voice was confident but soft, and I knew right away that I would enjoy following her guidance.

The class was awesome! I loved the music and dim lighting, the deep stretching, and the persistent use of muscles that are typically idle.

–  My abs are incredibly sore today (the day after), which is a feeling I love.

–  Every part of my body was worked-out sufficiently – I felt tired but not exhausted.

–  And, most importantly, I feel as though this is an excellent choice to cross-train for running. Not only does it encourage stretching of muscles, but also works on strengthening the core muscle groups, which are essential to stability in running.

Oh, and the midday work-out really broke up my day nicely. I headed to class feeling energized and focused.

I will definitely be going back!



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