An inspiring story – I had to share

This story is so moving, so inspiring – I had to share, and hope you enjoy. My boyfriend begged me to watch the video multiple times before I finally gave in, but ever since I simply have not been able to stop thinking about it and had to see more.

The maturity level of this boy. The sensitivity that he displays for his brother. The story that will hopefully guide others to the kind of compassion that we should all share with one other. My prayer is that this boy continues with his mission to share the truths surrounding cerebral palsy and similar disorders. I hope it inspires you in the same way it did for me.


Now, you’re probably wondering, how is this relevant to my blog? Well, I chose to share this video in hopes that it will encourage you to begin a habit of focusing on the joy in life. I thoroughly enjoy taking a few moments every so often to watch or read these kinds of stories as a way to remind myself of the power of love. It is a good practice to get into, whenever you’re feeling negative or hopeless – try reflecting on the joy in this world; there really is happiness just around every corner, it’s just that sometimes it can be more challenging, and you must intentionally seek it. Access to technology allows us all the freedom to share our stories which have the potential to encourage each other, take advantage of that!


14 thoughts on “An inspiring story – I had to share

  1. alisamoye67

    This story is awesome! I love it when families come together and figure out how to make the best of what seems to be the worst. Thanks for being a positive player in the game of life in our family!

  2. andy1076

    Every once in a while, A wonderful soul arrives from heaven to teach us the true meaning of dedication and the importance of family. Kudos to the young man for all he has done! :)

      1. viveka

        I have reblogged too. Thank you so much – that’s why I believe in the power we people have within us, young and old .. to make a difference.

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