My weekend made me reconnect with my love for running

My 5k run Saturday went fantastic. Not only did I get to spend some quality time running with my dad but the entry fee went to support an awesome cause – Missionary Ventures, and on top of that I got to hang out with some great people from my church. Definitely didn’t beat my PB, but my dad and I both really wanted to enjoy the morning run together, so we came to a compromise on the pace. And I still placed 2nd for the women and my dad placed 3rd for the men.

Then Sunday’s service really hit home for me on so many different levels, including personal, educational, and professional, and obviously with my relationship with God and the Church. And, I couldn’t help but also consider the message with respect to living healthy and fitness, which is what I am writing about. And, I don’t think that this was necessarily the point of my pastors message, but just a way that I thought about it a little further in terms of applicability to my life. (As a side note, my pastor is an awesome runner as well and he placed 2nd at the 5K Saturday!) The message on Sunday was concerning life instructions from 1st Timothy 1:18-19:

Fight the good fight, maintain faith, and uphold a good conscious

When I think about this verse and its powerful instructions in terms of living healthy, I can’t help but become motivated and excited, that no matter what my goals are, it is past time that I jump in with both feet and go for it. And more importantly, I need to trust in God that he will carry me through the pain and the fear. And if I go about it in the right way, and trust in Him throughout, then I will be able to sustain a healthy conscience about my training. Time to start facing some of those running goals, and the fears that I associate with them.

Between the run with my dad Saturday and then reflecting on this message on Sunday, I feel refreshed and powered to get working on what I’m being called to do.

Here is a running/fitness challenge for you for this week. Whatever it is you love doing, do it because you love it. Forget for a moment about fitness goals and achieving your next PB, and just enjoy the time. Reflect and appreciate your muscle strength, your health, and your dedication to what you love. For me, its running that I am most passionate about, and running this 5k was definitely a time for me to refocus on why I love running. The more that you are able to hone in on that passion, the more you will feel motivated to achieve your goals.

What form of fitness are you passionate about? And how do you reconnect with that passion?




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