Pint-Sized Goals

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Spring break is over here in Central Florida. It’s time to get serious about classes, because finals are quickly approaching. Not only that, but it is officially mid-March and there are several goals I wanted to have accomplished by now and I’m feeling a little off track. In sight of that, I decided to refocus on how I like to go about tackling daunting goals.

Being that I am extremely on the type A end of the personality spectrum, I am constantly setting new goals and new intentions for myself. Most of my goals are pretty big picture; not unrealistic or impractical, but I just appreciate the challenge. I have found though that sometimes it helps to set smaller scale, what I call ‘pint-sized’ goals along the way, to make the larger objectives seem less daunting.

This can be used in terms of fitness, health, as well as achieving professional aspirations, educational, or personal goals, among other things. Really any goal you have can and should be broken down into bites.

I know it seems like an obvious piece of advice, and a simple step; but consider this: the root of unaccomplished goals often has little to do with lack of enthusiasm, and more to do with overlooked details. I would encourage you to take a moment each day to consider your goals, and meditate on what mini-accomplishments you can aim for that day. Write them down. Achieve them. And then celebrate success.

For an example, if you are training to run any level of a race (be it a 5k, 15k, or marathon), you must first start with a mile. So set a pint-sized goal of running one mile at a specific pace (say 8 minutes) with no pain and no struggle. Write down this pint-sized goal. Set an intention of focusing and working towards this. And then do it. And then celebrate. (Maybe give yourself a foot massage.) And then set your next pint.


Thought I’d add a yummy pic of some pint-sized deliciousness!!


just go

Some motivation for you



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