A letter to the birthday girl

Tomorrow marks the big 23!! Okay so I guess it’s not that big. Actually it’s not a big deal at all – it’s just 23. And according to Blink 182, nobody likes you when you’re 23. But I don’t care – I am still super excited and looking forward to a weekend of being a princess, and celebrating my existence with my love and friends and family.

The celebration started last night when I joined 3 of my April Birthday friends for dinner at Benihana.


If you don’t know, Benihana is deliciousness hibachi heaven! And if you join their chef’s table club you get $30 off your meal anytime the month of your birthday. So my 3 April birthday friends and I have started a tradition of getting together and going out each year to celebrate all of our birthdays with a huge meal.




Now on to the more serious stuff. This year, I am starting a new birthday ritual – as a gift to me. I am writing myself a letter that I get to read next year on my birthday, when I turn 24. The idea is to reflect on where I would like to be one year from now – and then dedicate to that by putting it in writing.

I have spent more time than I’d like to admit in the past year making excuses, feeling restless about the future, or lingering on mistakes of the past. And as private and personal as that statement is, I am actually happy to admit it because I am now committing to this coming year being one of honor and happiness. I vow to honor myself, and my thoughts, feelings, wishes.

Who would I like to be? How do I want to feel and behave a year from now? What habits do I hope to have broken, or created, by one year from now?

As I answer these questions, I have been writing out a detailed letter describing my ideal self, and now I am going to start working on creating that – and hopefully next year reading it I will feel encouraged and proud of the work I’ve done in my life.

I gotta tell you – it feels a little weird writing this letter. I am also trying to include some authentic self-praise, because of the whole ‘love yourself/positive self-talk’ movement. It is already difficult enough to tell myself compliments in the mirror, and now I am writing them to my future self, a woman I don’t even know yet! It is definitely uncomfortable. But now that I am getting over my pride, and past the feelings of uncomfortableness, this is actually quite the motivating experience. I feel energetic and inspired about the year ahead. And I would encourage you to try this letter writing practice!!

I would let you read mine, but that is just between me and myself  ;)


So I want to know, what kind of birthday rituals do you have?

If you were to write a letter to yourself, what would you be sure to include? 




3 thoughts on “A letter to the birthday girl

  1. andy1076

    Happy Bday in case I don’t get the chance to greet you tomorrow! I can’t say I have any rituals, but now that you mentioned yours I might start planning :D lol


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