A runners guide to rest days

Birthday weekend was a great success. I am officially 23. Doesn’t feel much different than 22. So to quote Taylor Swift (although not my favorite artist), I’m gonna keep dancing like I’m 22. LOL   I was reassured this weekend that I am loved and I am so thankful for my friends and family celebrating my birthday with me this weekend!


Now on to the running business: I have been trying to rest my muscles since the big 12 miles run last Thursday. Although Saturday I spent the better part of the day trudging around Disney. And then that night I went and walked around Wine Room in heels. So I don’t know how much rest I really provided to these legs of mine. But I did massage them a lot over the weekend and tried my best to keep things light. Then this morning it was back to work: I ran 2 miles and finished with some core/balance exercises. And postrun I enjoyed my favorite snack: peanut butter stuffed banana and of course coffee with almond milk!


I believe it is vital, after a long run to reward your body with some days of rest. I will probably take it easy most of this week. But that doesn’t mean necessarily to lounge around, eat whatever you want, and generally become a bum. And for most runners, who thrive off of exercise provided endorphins, this doesn’t even sound too appealing for more than a day. And don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly acceptable every now and then for a day or so, and especially if you have been injured and need time to heal. But if you are healthy and well, it is key to stay active, even on rest days. Rest days might include gentle yoga, walking, light swimming, or another form of light impact exercise. Be sure to continue to stretch muscles throughout the day. And always maintain a healthy diet. This will keep your body functioning and healthy, and prevent you having to rework through all of the training you have worked so hard for when you get back to running.

So Thursday was my long run. Here is what the next few days looked like for me physically: Friday I focused on hydrating, stretching, massaging my muscles, and eating healthy. I was in a lot of pain this day, especially in my thighs, but I forced myself not to baby them too much. Saturday I was on my feet and walked most of the day. And Sunday morning and again at night I did some deep stretching. Then this morning I was back to running, but I wanted to ease into it, so I ran 2 miles and did some light core/strength work.

I hope this helps to give you a better picture of what rest days should entail.

And now here are some more pictures from my birthday!




We ended the night with a couple of drinks and tapas at Wine Room:




2 thoughts on “A runners guide to rest days

  1. Sarina Colburn

    I haven’t added any core strengthening to my rest days yet- or any days for that matter! Thanks for sharing about your rest days. I have been either going on bike rides or doing nothing on rest days. I was in a good habit of doing my yoga routine at home, but have been out of the habit lately. I need to work that back into my weekly routine, I’ve missed it!

    1. CourtLeanne Post author

      Great idea to incorporate the yoga back into your routine Sarina! We need to find a good plan to follow for our training or maybe make up our own – but something we can stick to!


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