Time to Refresh

Time to refresh, reenergize, regroup…My mind, my running gear, my training routine, my blog ….

Working a short shift today and then I have all afternoon, tomorrow, and Monday off to look forward to!! I have been so stressed at work and it is really about time I take a couple of days to get my mind on something else. So for now I’m enjoying a warm bowl of pasta e fagioli for lunch and pushing through the last 3 hours of work.

This afternoon is all about using birthday gift cards and updating my running gear. I am so thankful that my loved ones support my love affair with running and knew just what to get to me for my birthday. My momma and her hubby offered to get me new running shoes so I am off to take care of that this afternoon at Track Shack. I also received a gift card to sports authority from my mom’s best friend so that will be my next stop to get a few odds and ends … like a new sports bra! Steven will just have to tag along for the ride and take pictures while I try on every shoe in the store. My dad and his beautiful wife also stocked my closet with running outfits which I am very thankful for and have already been trying them out. Look out for pics of my gear later!!

My goals for this summer:
– Updating this blog. I want to create a catchier name, possibly purchase my own domain, and become more active in the healthy-living blog community.

– Train for a half marathon – first step, decide on one and register!! And soon!

Help! Any ideas for a new blog name?
Looking for something that better reflects my life and is consistent with what I write about most, healthy living. Also there are a few other chasing butterflies blogs, so it needs to be more unique and easier to locate J

What are your fitness goals this year? How will you work towards them in the heat of the summer ahead of us?



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