New Running Gear – including my hot pink shoes!

I have to be honest, I am not always in control of what I eat. When it comes to ice cream, I have very minimal self-control. We had ice cream at work today as a surprise thank you from our supervisors – so sweet of them!  I totally shouldn’t have. Wait, yes I should have. I deserve it and enjoyed every bite!! Man do I love me some chocolate, especially served freezing cold!


And I made up for it by going to my favorite healthy restaurant for dinner – Sweet Tomatoes!



Now that I’m done compensating for my affair with a bowl of ice cream earlier today, let’s talk running gear! First, understand that running is unique in the sense that you truly do not ‘need’ any fancy gear at all. All you need is some loose fit clothing and comfortable tennis shoes. In this way, running is practically free exercise; and for people like me it becomes free mental therapy as well. That is the beauty of the sport. However, as you begin to increase mileage and the frequency that you run, you will want to consider upgrading what you wear. For example, you wouldn’t want to put more than 100 miles on a pair of old kswisses you’ve had since high school gym class! To protect the health of your bones and joints, it is important to purchase a pair of supportive shoes. I would suggest going to an official running store so they can help you get the right shoe and right fit for what you need. If you live in central Florida I would highly recommend the Track Shack in Orlando, Fleet Feet in Altamonte, or Sarina got her shoes from Front Running Sports in Lake Mary.

This past weekend I invested in my third pair of running shoes since I began running a few years ago. Rather, my mom invested in it for me as a birthday gift (THANKS MOM)!! Asking for running gear as gifts is becoming pretty typical of me.


With my running shoes budget in mind, I headed to Track Shack on Saturday to pick out a new pair (I brought him along to deter me from buying every pink shoe in the store). The associate was quite helpful and I am more than satisfied with the pair that I finally settled on. To be honest, I started with one pair, but after a rough run in them the following day I took them back and got what had been my second choice. I am not going to say anything bad about the first pair; they just didn’t fit properly for my wide feet that tend to swell when I run. I would simply suggest that you take advantage of the opportunity to try out the shoes and run in them before you take them home. Make sure that the shoes provide your feet with ample amount of comfort. And please, please, please keep in mind that running shoes are for running, not for everyday wear. Don’t focus on the color or brand that you want, but rather focus on what will be best for your feet; everyone is different.


The pair I finally decided on happens to come in bright pink. A bit loud for me, but I adore them and they definitely fit well! They are the Mizuno Wave Riders and like Cinderella’s glass slipper, they are the perfect fit. The associate was concerned with my wide feet that there wouldn’t be enough room in them, because they are really close fitting; however I feel that the soft mesh like material gives a little more flexibility so I am happy with that. In my opinion these shoes provide a good balance or neutral point between minimalist and heavy supportive trainers; not too light, not too weighty. I have already taken these for a spin as well, and they did the job and made my feet smile real big which is all that really matters. Smile


As for other gear …. like I said, not much needed! Once you get a solid pair of shoes, you may also want to invest in quality exercise clothing. For example, moisture wicking socks, a supportive sports bra, moisture wicking shirts, and shorts are all great items to start with. I haven’t tried any compression socks or anything like that as of yet. Shirts with cute sayings on them are pretty awesome!


I would also suggest getting a reliable app on your phone to time yourself, or investing in a GPS watch (I haven’t gotten a watch yet, but that is on my list for the future). However for now, I use runkeeper which works great for keeping track of my time, distance, and pace.


What is your favorite piece of fitness gear?

If you run, do you agree that running doesn’t require anything, or is there something you simply can’t imagine running without?


Talk to me ....

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