First What-I-Ate-Wednesday

This makes my very first WIAW post and I am thrilled to be joining this awesome little online potluck. Since it’s my first time, I knew I didn’t want to just list out everything I ate today, because well I’m super excited and I didn’t think that would be good enough, that’s why!

Thank you Jenn for hosting WIAW each and every week!

So today I am going to discuss what I ate for lunch almost every day last week because it was just that darn good. I wasn’t planning on eating it two days in a row, or the third day, it just kind of happened because I kept wanting it again and again.

Remember when I said that my wonderful, Jewish sweetheart of a boyfriend made me my favorite Chicken Soup last week? Well, after the soup was done, we were left with a TON of cooked chicken!


Naturally, we decided to make chicken salad! I love chicken salad, on sandwiches, salads or with crackers. A lot of people think of chicken salad, and think of a heaping glob of mayo and other bad-for-you stuff. However, I make mine a little differently – mostly because I actually hate mayonnaise (it’s just gross to me)! But as a result, this recipe is actually quite healthy, and brings that sweet and salty flavor-combo that I tend to crave frequently!

Here are the ingredients for the chicken salad – I don’t really measure them, because it depends on how much chicken you have and how much it soaks up:


Greek Yogurt (same amount as you would use for mayo)

Honey (only about a tablespoon needed)

 Chopped celery, celery leaves, onions, garlic

Italian seasoning, salt, pepper


Flax seeds


Use a fork to shred out the chicken:


And then stir in all those ingredients and what ever else you’d like! Nuts or trail mix might be a good add in!


And that’s it! You’re done! Such a simple recipe! I would say make it ahead of time though and refrigerate overnight if you can!


I ate mine on a bed of spinach with some crackers and veggies. And like I said I brought it to work for lunch three days in a row – It was just that tasty!!


The salad consisted of an olive oil and lemon dressing, spinach, and some chopped veggies: cucumber, red peppers, and tomatoes. Oh and one of the days I threw in some chopped strawberries too for extra sweetness in the dressing!




I also just found out that May is National Salad Month!! How exciting?

20130515-163509.jpgIf you know me personally you know that salad is one of my most favorite foods! (The fact that I chowed down on the above lunch more than once last week should be a good indicator of this)! I just love cold foods mixed together, including fruit salad, pasta salad, and of course veggie salads!! What I don’t love is boring salads, and no one should have to suffer through that even if they are dieting! Be on the lookout for at least a couple more salad posts this month!!

Question of the day: Do you love salad as much as I do? What is your favorite kind of salad?

2nd question: Any tips for photographing foods? Just realized these are so terrible – taken with the camera on my iphone, but considering getting a new camera soon, any tips on which one to get are welcome too!


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