6 Months of Training

Good morning loves! Here is a little weekend recap and then we will get down to the running talk – I am preparing for my first half marathon this year!

This weekend my family all got together and celebrated my Grandmothers 74th birthday! We all decided to make the trip to her house in Merritt Island to celebrate with her on Saturday and wow was it nice and much-needed for us to all get together! My grandmother had a pretty hard fall earlier this year that scarred all of us and left her badly injured. But she must be the strongest woman I know and she is doing better each day. We all wanted to spend time with her and she was all for it, she sat outside with us most of the day and even danced a little from her wheelchair.

Everyone brought a dish to share and with about 30 of us we wound up having SO much food!

20130519-165616.jpgWhen it comes to events or parties like this, when I know its going to be a lot of different but really yummy foods, I always like to get a little salad to fill up space on my plate with veggies, but then taste at least a little bit of everything that I want!


Steven and I tried out our new three-pot crockpot, in which we brought potatoes, baby wieners, and meatballs.


All three were a huge hit at the party, but the potatoes were my favorite of the three – so moist and flavorful! We also made a little tzatziki sauce to go with it.


All and all the party was a great day, shared with loved ones and yummy food! I think my grandma whole-heartedly appreciated all of us being there together, in her honor!


Now for some running talk! Folks, we are exactly 6 months out from my Half Marathon! If you ask me, this is the perfect amount of time to transition smoothly into training. Sure you don’t need  6 whole months to train, especially because I am not brand new to running. Heck, there are training plans out there that only account for 1 month! But I am hoping that with this extra time to prepare, I will be able to reduce the risk for injury and still love running by the end of it.

Right now the longest distance I have run is 12 miles, which is just shy of the half marathon distance of 13.1 miles, but I struggled through it and was able to stop several times throughout. I love running, but being that I originally started this just to kind of play around with the sport for weight loss/stress relief, I have never even thought of running longer distances until recently. The past year has brought me closer to running in a way that I never imagined. It is such an integral part of my life, and while I’m excited to gear up and run longer and faster – I want to be cautious to do so in a way that keeps me running for years to come.

This summer is going to be all about focusing on good technique, stretching and strengthening my muscles through yoga practice, and maintaining 15-20 miles a week, consistently. I am currently running comfortably about 2 or 3 days a week for 3 miles, and 1 day a week a little longer -about 7 miles. I attended a Good Form Running clinic last week and found out about everything I’m doing wrong (which was surprisingly a lot)! But I like to have things to work on, so I am kind of happy to have some new things to focus on while I run. I plan to work on each of these things, specifically not landing on my heels so much and stepping lighter, and go back next month to see what areas still need improvement.

In August – when it hopefully gets a little cooler out – I will start upping my weekly mileage. I am so excited for this first long distance race!! I am set on getting that pretty little 13.1 bumper sticker on my car!!


5 thoughts on “6 Months of Training

  1. Sarina

    Wow you’re right! Didnt realize we were right at 6 months out! Food looks yummy!! And I too am excited about the sticker… Maybe ill put it on the back of Levi’s bike trailer haha!

  2. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats

    I’m thinking of doing my first half marathon this year too and want ample time to prepare and train if I do decide to do it. I think I probably do a lot of things wrong when I run and would be so interested to go to a running clinic too.

    1. CourtLeanne @princessandthejog Post author

      That’s great! I would definitely look into your local running stores for classes they offer on form or anything else, the classes are normally a free service. There are quite a few halfs toward the end of the year – I would suggest googling half marathon November + location and see what comes up! Good luck and keep me updated on your training!


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