What I Ate Wednesday–Take Two

Again this Wednesday’s post is brought to you by Jenn’s WIAW!

So far today has been extremely healthy and I am super proud of myself for it! Last night my friend, Mel and I went to Yoga 4 runners at Fleet Feet in Altamonte. We had a great time and I left feeling relaxed and re-focused on myself and caring for my own health.


Yes I purposely matched my yoga mat to my shirt! LOL JK

I started off the day this morning with my usual pre-run cup of coffee and a handful of trail mix. I ran 4 miles today on the trail. Although I was a little sore from last night’s yoga class, I felt it was important to stick to the plan of running this morning. I’m so glad I did. I feel like days that I run always wind up being healthy eating days too, because I don’t want to loose that feel-good-feeling.

Following my run I sipped on a recovery GREEN smoothie! Don’t let the green scare you!

20130522-142605.jpgIt’s bananas, peaches, coconut, yogurt, and almond milk. To up the recovery and health benefits I added in a little bit of homemade protein  powder, which I have been playing around with since reading this post by Cassie. And the green shade comes from a handful of spinach – but you can’t taste it AT ALL! And the pinch of dry coconut blended in makes it just the right amount of sweet!


For lunch I met my dad at Italio in Winter Park and had a big salad with some steak. This place is so awesome, similar to Chipolte, but for pasta and other Italian foods. This was only my second time eating here, but it has yet to disappoint!


I love meeting my dad for lunch during the week, it gives us time to catch up on each other’s lives! I also stopped by my favorite local produce shop since I was in Winter Park and picked up some more fruits and veggies, and some pumpkin seeds, so I can continue to eat healthy tomorrow!

Tonight will be the annual Award’s Ceremony at work, which I have helped plan for the last three years. I am very passionate about recognizing people for hard work, and I am so glad that the command staff at my agency feels the same way and makes this ceremony a big deal each year! One of my good friends is receiving an award tonight, which is fantastic – I am super proud of her! After the ceremony she and I, along with our boys, will be going out to dinner to celebrate. I have something personal to celebrate as well, but I’m not quite ready to share that on here yet! I do know that dinner will most likely not be the healthiest meal, and will include celebratory drinks – so I’m glad that I have stuck to healthy foods so far today!

Hope you are all having a great Wednesday! What are you eating today? comment below Smile


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