Makin waves and catchin rays

Last November, around Thanksgiving, Steven decided he wanted to go on a cruise to celebrate his graduation, which would be coming up this May. I agreed and so we both started searching for deals on cruises. After talking to my dad about it, I  found out he was planning on taking a cruise in May 2013 as well, with his wife, and some other family members. Steven and I decided to join in and make it a family vacation! We set sail on May 30th and arrived home yesterday on June 3rd. All and all, the trip was fantastic!! The best part was of course chowing down on all the fancy foods, and simply relaxing with my sweetheart and family.

Our Cruise ship was the Carnival Ecstasy. Originally we were supposed to go to Nassau and to Half Moon Cay, which is Carnival’s private island. Unfortunately, due to weather problems we were not able to dock at Half Moon Cay. Of course we were a bit upset about this because that is where we were supposed to go jet skiing and have our ‘beach day’. But regardless, we had a fun day at sea, and on the last day we stopped at Freeport and we still got to go to the beach! (Another thing about the weather: this will be the last time I plan for a cruise around hurricane season – the waves were quite choppy and we only got a little sun the whole trip – the positive side of this of course, is that I didn’t get sunburnt, just slightly sun-kissed like I like it!)

This is me and my step-sister Ivette on the deck waiting to dock at Nassau. Although we went with a large group, our time was pretty balanced between time to relax just me and Steven, time for fun with my step-sister and her boyfriend, and time to spend with family. The Freeburn family is pretty big, and the love runs deep – only a tiny portion of the family went on the cruise! Shout out to my brother Ryan and my other step sister Moni – wish you guys could of gone with us! And another shout out to Grandma Anne, who I recently found out reads my blog, thanks for being such an awesome Grandmother to this great family!! :)

^^ Here is everyone at dinner, with our server Sudita in the middle!

^^ This is a picture inside of the Atlantis Hotel.

One of my favorite memories from the trip is when Steven got on stage and danced the first night!! The cruise director set up a little competition between these two men as to who is more romantic and would dance for their girl – Steven won, by far!! We didn’t get any good pictures because he had the camera in his pocket, but we did get a picture of it on the TV, since the video was looping the whole time on the boat. I was a little embarrassed, but I’m so glad I have a boyfriend who isn’t afraid to shake it and to say he loves me on stage!  

Alright, that is about all I can ramble about for now! I am still in the cruise haze and ready for a nap, and maybe another meal? No, you don’t eat every 30 minutes on land? Oh that’s right …. darn!

I am going to get some other stuff finished though, and then get ready for my late afternoon run and yoga session with my friend Sarina. I will talk more about all of the food and everything else later this week! I’m planning on recreating some of the meals so be prepared for some recipes!! Like I said, altogether it was a great vacation and I am back feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!!

Question: Do you run/workout on vacation?

I got in one 5k and a couple 10-minute stretch sessions during this trip. I like to work out at least a little while I’m on vacation, because its part of helping me to relax and enjoy myself. I wouldn’t do it if it was just about feeling guilty! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Makin waves and catchin rays

  1. Beth Sheridan (

    Cute blog! All the cruise pictures make me want to go back SOOOOO bad. I’ve been on two, the first to Nassau and the second to Cozumel and Calica and I LOVED both of them so very much…And why don’t we eat every 30 minutes on land?! I mean really?!

    I really do try to exercise on vacation but most of the time I will just do what I can and not stress about it so I can really enjoy my time off :)


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