Five on Friday

I found a pretty cool blog, this morning while I was sitting and wondering weather or not I felt like blogging about anything today. Since she has this cool Five on Friday thing, where you write about five things that are making you happy this Friday, I decided to go along with it. I could use some happy thoughts anyway, seeing as how I am going into work an evening shift tonight, as opposed to my usual day shift – which should be interesting, but hey, at least I will be happy after writing this list right?

Five on Friday

So here goes –

1. My cruise pictures. I got home on Monday and I am still feeling like I’m on the boat a little bit. I have been staring at the pictures nonstop. Steven and I have actually already started discussing our next vacation!

Everyone knows Carnival Cruises have ice-cream available 24 hours a day! If you know me, you know I would not be able to resist such a thing!

2. New inspiration for food. I didn’t take any pictures from dinner last night, because it just wasn’t that pretty, but boy did my chile-peach steak sauce taste good! Ever since tasting all of the amazing food on the cruise I have been completely inspired to experiment with different foods and I am loving it! Since I don’t have a picture from dinner last night, here is a picture of food from dinner one night on the cruise:

3. Coffee. Makes me happy. Every. Damn. Day. Enough said.

4. Yoga. Yoga for runners, specifically. I recently started going to a new class here in Orlando, that is actually being offered for free. The teacher is fantastic, even though I believe she is new to teaching. Lately I have been really sore from neglecting to stretch fully and properly, so the weekly yoga class is helping a lot. Especially because its geared toward stretches for runners, like swan pose for your hips. It also does good things for posture and strengthening core and upper body muscles.

5. These last two go together:

  • The fact that I am starting my first full-time job!
  • The fact that since this will be my last week as a part-time employee, I have allowed myself plenty of time to just be bored and snuggle with my little girl! (Don’t worry, I also went on a 5-mile run this morning, I haven’t been bored and cuddly all day!!) 20130607-140649.jpg

All great things! Now it is time to go start getting ready for this work that I speak of. Hope you are all having a great Friday! What are you happy about today?


One thought on “Five on Friday

  1. thepaceofitall

    Aw yay, glad you were able to come up with some 5 on Friday! A cruise sounds wonderful, I’ve always wanted to go on one (although I’m a bit nervous after all the news about them)… and yoga for runners sounds really neat! Congrats on the job!


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