New Opportunities

About a month or so ago I volunteered to spearhead the outreach aspect of my church. The church I attend is fairly new and therefore quite small in population. But don’t be fooled by its size, the church as a whole is extremely passionate. We love God. We love worshiping and serving Him, we believe in grace, and we strive to encourage others to build on their own relationship with God.

I joined the church a little over a year ago and have loved getting to know all of the members better and worshiping alongside them. When asked by my pastor to step up in this role, I jumped at the opportunity. We are meeting for the first time this Sunday morning, prior to service, to discuss some ‘outreach ideas’ and direction for the group. But before the meeting, I really just wanted to get out in words what my intentions are for this group; because well, I feel that when you write out your goals, it is as though you are speaking them into being.

My goals for outreach:

  • I want our group to reflect grace and compassion; my hope is that through outreach, the church will be able to inspire love in the hearts of those that come in contact with us.
  • A huge part of this will be community service, and ideally the service that we provide to the community would be relevant, and relationships would grow organically.
  • Probably most importantly, I hope that our intentions as a group will be sincere and evident to those around us; and when people ask us questions, we would be comfortable to speak to them about God and about His grace.

I am so excited to begin!! I want to explain that I will not be writing much about the outreach activities for a couple of different reasons. First of all, I would feel uncomfortable writing about it, in that it would feel like I’m trying to take credit, which I am not at all. I understand that everything we do will be centered around and focused on God; and will all be the result of His work and the work of the team. Secondly, that would not be in line with the purpose of this blog. However, I always try to be authentic with this blog and wanted you all to know that this is something I will be working on, and I’m positive it will consume quite a bit of my time.

Understand that princessandthejog is probably going to be taking a backseat for a while, between me starting a new job, working on outreach at church, and other things, all while trying to maintain some sense of simplicity in life – I simply do not know if I will be able to write in the blog regularly. However, these are all exciting things, and I will still be running, eating healthfully, and enjoying life. I  hope that you will connect with me on instagram or twitter to follow my daily happenings @courtleanne.  I will consider posting on the blog about once a week to fill you in on some running things Smile

Until next time,



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