My baby toe is purple

I don’t want to jinx myself by saying never, but I rarely get injured, especially in anyway that would effect my running. I’m not saying running comes easy for me by any means. Running can be super difficult for me; I am in no way a ‘natural’ and I have to work at it. But injuries are just one aspect of the runners life that I have not had to struggle with much thus far – and I am thankful for that!

The problem is ….. today I tripped over my own two feet while simply trying to walk, as per usual – I can be pretty clumsy. The fall hurt really bad, but I thought I had just kind of scrapped my toes and they would be a little sore for an hour or so and I could move on. Well when 6:00 rolled around and I was getting ready to go on my evening run, I ignored the fact that it was still tingling. I was going on this run regardless of what my body was feeling like, and especially regardless of what my little toe was feeling like – because my mentality needed that run tonight. I have had a lot going on these past few weeks, and have been looking forward to this planned easy 5 mile run all weekend.

I should have listened to my toe. Now what was probably a minor injury has been seriously exacerbated. Now here I am with a purple baby toe, and I can’t tell exactly how bad it is. My training has probably been thrown off for the whole week!

This brings me to what our pastor was discussing this morning at church. Self discipline. Specifically, how a goal, without discipline, is nothing more than a wish. He spoke about how immature and impatient we can be sometimes, and how it effects us in every aspect of our lives: financial, health, relationships, spiritual, everything. To be honest, with so much going on in my life right now, I wasn’t fully tuned in to this message. I mean I have discipline, I budget, I eat well, what ever. But apparently, God wanted me to hear this message today.

I was so set on going on my run this evening to clear my mind. I refused to sacrifice that run. This wasn’t about being dedicated to training, this was about being heartset on that feeling of endorphins rushing through my muscles. However, because I didn’t take the night off, its possible that I will be off my feet for a week or so now.

About half way through mile 2 I told myself that what I was doing was discipline at its finest. I was sticking to my scheduled run regardless of how I felt, I thought that must be the right thing to do. Then the pain started to grow. I realized that this wasn’t displaying discipline in my training schedule. This was an example of my own impatience. I wasn’t going to wait for my toe to feel better to get my run in, I was going to do it now.

Have you ever made this mistake, or am I the only crazy?

Any suggestions on what to do for a seriously bruised baby toe?


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