Tough Runs – what pushes you?

Good evening readers!

I learned something new this morning that I thought I should share with you all:

One of the best qualities to look for in a running buddy is someone who is going to motivate you.
I ran this morning with one of my favorite running friends. We have both allowed running to take the backseat over the past couple of weeks. For me, it was due to my injured toe, which has healed nicely in case you were wondering and is almost at full recovery. But the injury of my toe was no excuse for me to let pretty much all form of exercise go by the wayside for a whole week. Needless to say, this morning’s run was well-needed, but also quite draining.

We were both already exhausted by the end of mile 2. But we pushed each other through it and ran a total of 5 miles.

It hit me when we were racing up the only hill on our route that I was lucky to have her with me. On my own, I probably would have turned around earlier, or at the minimum walked up the hill. But instead, we pushed each other. We pushed, because that is what running friends do.

Around mile 3 we enjoyed a light snack to give us some extra energy. I don’t really eat much while I’m running, unless its more than 5 miles. However, for this run I knew I was going to need it due to my low fitness level right now, and the extreme amounts of Florida humidity slowing us down. Boy, was I thankful I opted to bring this along! Chewy fruit snacks are an excellent mid-run snack. For one, they are bit sized and ‘popable’, and taste great. You can easily carry the little bag your hand. Most brands are low in fat and contain vitamin C. Oh, and these are princesses, so of course I love them!

By the end of our run, I was definitely glad to have a friend with me, and a snack!
What are the best ‘picker uppers’ for you when it comes to difficult workouts?


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