Life comes at you FAST

I can’t believe summer is almost nearing its end. I am saddened by this on the one hand, because I am a true Florida, southern girl at heart. But at the same time, I cannot wait for the colder months ahead that will bring longer, easier runs my way!! I have been running quite a bit lately, but I won’t lie – the humidity has pretty much sucked all the fun out of running for me!

While trying to ignore the heat on my run this morning, I got to thinking about my life lately. To be honest, I feel completely blessed; this summer has definitely been one of transition! For one thing, I feel that I have transitioned into a more serious runner. This summer has been less about running for weight loss or anything else, and more defined by running because I’m committed to training.

Here are just a couple of other new things in my life lately:

  • Moved into a new, more residential neighborhood
  • I’m now driving a more efficient, beautiful car
  • Stepping up into my ‘big girl career’ with a promotion at work

I can’t think of another time in my life that I have been on such unfamiliar ground. Of course I am excited for all of the changes. But I’m also nervous, or uneasy (I don’t know the right word), just that nothing is the way it used to be. I have experienced change in my life before, and for the most part I am a pretty resilient girl; but I have never seen so many things change practically overnight.

But as I reflected on these changes during my run, it hit me that transition is just a part of life. Change and transition are natural, and well, no pun intended because I was running when I realized this, but its true what they say, life comes at you fast. We only have so much time here, and while it seems that these changes occurred quickly, I’ve actually been preparing for them for quite a while and time just slipped through my fingers.

God has a very creative way of making things happen according to His plan and on His timetable, for our good. I am amazed at His grace and I can’t wait to see what other exciting things He has in store! My goal moving forward is to worry and stress less over the changes that are headed my way and simply to trust in Him.

Hope you’re having a great day, until next time,

Court leanne


2 thoughts on “Life comes at you FAST

  1. Uncle Dan

    Over the years I have found Change, in all of its forms, is the only constant. After reading your blog sounds like you are doing just fine. Keep the faith and stay on the good path.

  2. alisamoye67

    You have worked hard to be in this place my love! I am so proud of you! You will roll through so many more changes, one after the other. Some will come and pass before you even realize it was a change. LOL!! I am just going to say this….slow down, you’re gonna miss this!!! I think there is a country song about that. LOL!! I love you!


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