Oh Carolina, you keep callin’ me home

This weekend I visited NC for my cousin’s wedding and to spend some quality time with the Freeburn family. We had an absolute blast and I loved every minute of the weekend! The wedding was unique and fun-spirited, the bride was stunning, the family time was much-needed, and the food all weekend was … mostly fried, tasted awesome, but devastating to my diet!

^^ this was a mudslide milkshake! so yummy! At Bad Daddys!

I also made it out for a 4-mile easy trail run on Saturday morning (to compensate for all of the food I was eating, of course). When I say easy I mean it, because I was stopping every 5 seconds for a photo. Everything there is so breath-taking; I loved being totally immersed in nature.

Here are pictures from my NC rave run, enjoy!!

Bonus Pictures!!

This is my favorite picture from the wedding:

And this is my favorite picture from the weekend of my dad, and my beautiful grandmother, and me!

grandma anne

Congrats to my cousin Josh and his new wife Denise – such a sweet couple! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful celebration of love and the meshing of two families :)

Overall, a great trip and a fantastic end to my summer – now I am ready for fall to start up with all of its pumpkin-flavored glory!

Where is your favorite place to run? Comment below!

North Carolina has been my favorite place to run thus far. I have ran there on my past two visits! I hope to run in some new places soon though, I hear its a great way to break up your vacation and sight-see.


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