Weekend Recap

Good evening!!

This post will be short and sweet, but I just wanted to say first of all that I am freaking loving having full weekends again. My job for the last two years has kept me working most weekends, some Friday nights, some Saturdays, and a few Sundays. But with the new job, I have your regular American M-F sched, and I am adjusting quite nicely!

Before I get into the details of my weekend, I have three pieces of important blog news to share with you.

  1. Notice the new domain. I finally gave in and made this official. We are no longer princessandthejog.wordpress.com, and now I will go by princessandthejog.com
  2. My half marathon is 9 weeks away today, I will be posting a schedule for the remaining 9 weeks of training tomorrow!
  3. I have been nominated for the Shine on Award, by Falyn so look out for that post coming sometime this week as well! Thanks for reading Falyn!!

Now, here is what my weekend looked like:

Friday night Steven and I went on a double dinner date with some good friends of ours, always a fun time!

Saturday I went for an early morning run with my dad. We stopped at 4 miles, but I was super proud of my dad for logging that!!

My dad rocks at the 5K distance and I am already so proud of him for that. Being that this was our first chance to run together for the past, almost year, I decided I would push him to go an extra mile and he followed through! We had a really good time catching up with each other, and now that I have weekends off I am looking forward to more regular father-daughter runs!

Later Saturday, I headed off to Sarina’s son, Levi’s 2nd birthday party!

I think he liked the blocks I got him!! Levi is one of my favorite toddlers around, hes adorable and his party was a real blast!

The rest of our Saturday was spent relaxing and lounging by the pool.

Then this morning we woke up and went to church, followed by running some errands and lunch at one of our favorite spots, 5 Guys! I am not a huge fan of fast food, but 5 Guys has phenomenal burgers, and I love the freshly made spuds!

And Steven and I ended our weekend tonight with a bike ride.

As you know, I live for being physically active. So for Steven’s birthday he asked for a bicycle so that he could start incorporating more fitness into his life, too. In a way, I guess I have inspired him.

So of course, I jumped at the idea and decided to go ahead and get him this birthday present almost a month early, and tonight we embarked on a first of many bike rides together. We had so much fun!! A couple of friends joined us for the ride and we logged about 10 miles, not bad for a Sunday evening ride if you ask me! I think Steven is worn out, but I have assured him it gets easier as you go. Any tips for beginners to cycling?

Time for a glass of cabernet-merlot and a movie and then bedtime, and another work week ahead! Hope you all had a great weekend as well, cheers!


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