Safety on the COLOR run

Like everyone else in Orlando, I am having difficulty thinking about anything other than The Color Run this week!

For this reason, my third edition of Safety on the Run will be focused on Safety Tips specifically for the Color Run, or similar races. If you didn’t catch part I or II of Safety on the Run, click here for more general running safety tips. If you want to know more about my thoughts on the Color Run, click here or here.



Now on to the Runner Safety Tips:

  1. The Color Run is even more fun when you register with a large team – the more the merrier! And it is a good idea to coordinate meeting times/places for your whole team to get together for group pictures. But be sure and designate at least 3 or 4 friends as a closer group, who will be responsible to each other. You may want to carpool with these friends and be sure that you stay together throughout the race. TCR is sure to bring a huge crowd of people to a small area, you don’t want to get lost in the craziness.
  2. The colorful powder that you will be drenched in is completely safe! It is basically cornstarch. But do your best to keep away from your face. It may be a good idea to carry a small bandana or towel if you want to block your face or wipe off after a color station. Here is what TCR has to say about it, quoted directly from their FAQ page:

    How is the color administered?  Will I be hurt, maimed, or killed? Ha ha ha! we love this one.  No, it doesn’t hurt at all.  It is like getting into a powdered sugar food fight.

  3. This race is not timed, so there is no need to run your 5k PR, and it’s probably a better idea not to and just enjoy the fun of it! But keep in mind, no matter what pace you are at walkers to the right, runners to the left (this goes for most races). Pay attention to others around you, and DO NOT come to a stop in the middle of the road!

Happy Coloring!!

Are YOU going to the Color Run this year? Have you tried this race or a similar one?

Disclaimer: I received two free entries to TCR for this and other posts. The thoughts and safety tips listed here are my own, unless noted.


6 thoughts on “Safety on the COLOR run

  1. bayrunnerjamie

    I haven’t participated in the Color Run or any of these 5k fun runs yet, but I’m signed up for a 5k Electric Run with some girlfriends in November..I think it’s going to be so fun!


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