Motivtion Monday – Passions

Happy Monday my loves!

I hope everyone had a beautiful, relaxing weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend because I got to visit with my little brother who came home visiting from Savannah, GA. He moved about a month ago, and I have been missing him like crazy. It is so weird having a sibling in another state. But this weekend we spent some time together and I think we both loved every minute of it. My mom was pretty much in heaven to have us both over for dinner!!

So now, how about some motivation to get this week started? Lately I have been quite reflective about the people in my life that I love and what I love about them. I am finding how important it is to listen to people talk about their passions, it really lets you get to know them better and develop deeper relationships. That’s why my motivation for this week is the following quote:

This motivates me on so many different levels. For one, it encourages me to be authentic in my own passions and to not be afraid to talk about them. But it also motivates me to be a better sister, friend, girlfriend, daughter, coworker, every role I play. Essentially, this quote sparks in me a reminder that its a good thing to ask people about their lives and truely listen – you never know where that could lead to!

And I will leave you with that thought. Hope everyone has a great week!!

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