Running on Empty – How I feel this week

Happy Thursday afternoon my lovely readers :)

I hope everyone is doing well! I have had quite the busy week! Between a busy week at work, and then Steven’s dad being in town and spending time with him, I have had little time for writing…..

I also have been eating out a lot, and not running much either, or getting enough sleep. And that is why I have titled this, ‘running on empty’. I literally feel empty right now. My stomach feels bloated from the random assortment of junk I’ve consumed this week. My legs are screaming for a run. And quite frankly, so is my brain – I have so much chatter in there right now, that I need to just get outside for a little bit and let it all go.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had a fantastic week at work, and lots of advancements made on that front. But I feel somewhat unbalanced, due to lack of exercise, healthy food, and rest. This will definitely be counted as an off-week so far as training and healthy-lifestyle-living goes! But does that mean that the whole week gets blown off? NO … I am less than 10 weeks away from my half marathon, and I have a 9 mile run scheduled for Saturday.

So what do you do when you find yourself in a situation like this? Well the easy answer is: go for a run, take a long shower, make a huge salad with lots of fresh veggies and maybe some grilled chicken, and get to bed early!! And those are my exact intentions for this evening! Just because you are having an off week, does not mean it can not be salvaged!

A lot of people believe that if they start the week off bad, they should just count it off and ‘do better next week’. I disagree, I fully believe that ‘one run makes a difference’. Every day is a new day and you can get moving right now!

Hope you all have a great night!

PS I haven’t posted any recipes in a while … I think I may get creative in the kitchen soon and post some new ones! Keep an eye out!!


5 thoughts on “Running on Empty – How I feel this week

  1. Single-Tracked Mind

    Totally, 100% agree that you can change the outcome of your day just by changing your attitude. Sometimes it’s hard to not have an all or nothing attitude, but little changes really add up. Love this post!


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