Finding health benefits in being alone

85680c8722c2081013e16cbe3c341ac4 My weekend has been super relaxing and rejuvenating as I usually try to make it! But its been a little different in at least one way: Steven went to New York to visit family this weekend and unfortunately, I was unable to join him. I missed having him around of course, but the positive side of this is that I had plenty of quiet time to myself this weekend and I soaked up every minute of it! Every once in a while, I enjoy the simplicity of being alone – and I completely believe in the health benefits of it! Spending time alone forces you to be quite, decompress, and relax! Friday evening I did about an hour long yoga sessions, using the yoga-download-app, which I would highly recommend. wpid-20131006055302.jpg Yoga classes are fantastic, but they can get a little pricey if you ask me; so I enjoy that I’m able to practice from my home for FREE with an easy-to-use app. After yoga, I enjoyed some more quite time with some wine, a big bowl of whole grain pasta, and a lifetime movie! Perfect girl’s night if you ask me! Saturday morning I got up early and met my favorite running friend for a run in downtown Winter Park. Actually, I shouldn’t say I got up too early, because I was a bad running friend this week and overslept, making her wait quite a while for me. I felt absolutely terrible about this! But I don’t think she minded that much, and we still got in our full 9 miles that we had planned on. wpid-20131006055310.png I am so thankful for our friendship and that we are able to meet each other where we’re at and be gracious toward each other when it comes to things like oversleeping. Like I said, we finished our scheduled 9 miles and it felt great! It is so awesome how far we’ve both come with training!! I cannot wait until race day! After our run we checked out the Farmer’s Market. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE the Winter Park Farmer’s Market – and this week’s selection did not disappoint! wpid-20131006055306.jpg After a light lunch, a long shower, and a nap, I met my mom Saturday afternoon for an early dinner. We ate early because we had a big night planned!! Yesterday was my step-grandfathers 70th birthday party! We surprised him and partied the night away at the Barn in Sanford, FL. I pray to God that when I am that age my husband and I will still be as lively as that man and his beautiful wife, and love to have fun and dance like they do!! We all spent the whole night line dancing, and let me tell you that it was a blast! On the final day of the weekend I woke up early again and headed off to church. Although I knew I would be going alone I wanted to make it point to still make it in – and I’m really glad I did. I always feel more grounded afterward, just by taking the time out of my weekend to come to a place and worship with other believers. Plus, it is difficult to feel alone in my church – everyone is just so loving! wpid-20131006054909.jpg Hopefully next time Steven goes to New York I can join him. I was super disappointed I couldn’t go this time around. For one, I have never met that part of Steven’s family and that is really hard on me. I love family and I can’t wait for the day I get to meet his! Secondly, I have never even been to New York and I am dying to see the city! But like I said, I appreciated having the time to myself, and I know he appreciated spending time with his family. How was everyone else’s weekend? Do you enjoy alone time or does it drive you crazy? I love spending time with just me, but I don’t know how many more days I could go! I am so ready for my sweetie to be home!! I know a lot of people can hardly make it for 10 minutes by themselves! Are you running any races this fall? If you are looking for one I would like to encourage you to find one that benefits a cause you believe in – it makes racing so much more meaningful! If you are in the Central Florida area, please consider registering for Run for Romania, which contributes to educational needs in Romania.


2 thoughts on “Finding health benefits in being alone

  1. alisamoye67

    I am getting used to time alone. Some days I really enjoy it and others not so much. I too hope I have the energy and love to socialize when I am 70. It was a great night and I am so glad you were part of it. You are the best daughter ever!


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