Motivational Image


Happy Monday!! This Saturday I joined a few friends in a P90x tybo sesh. Talk about a tough workout to switch things up! I definitely needed something new to really tire my muscles out and this was just the thing. After our workout we all got to talking about what motivates us to get/stay healthy. And for me, it is definitely in line with the above quote – I am healthy because I feel I owe it to myself.

On that note, have a great week!

Comment below, what’s motivating you lately?!


4 thoughts on “Motivational Image

  1. solosuse

    Love the image you posted. I totally agree that we should ignore what we have been “fed” our entire lives about what constitutes as pretty being healthy. We have been told, as young girls, that eating is bad and to be skinny (which is wrongly confused with being beautiful – beautiful and skinny are not interchangeable words) we should not eat. But eating is important and it should be to nourish the body. Give the active body what is needs and craves!


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