Peer Pressure: have another slice!

Happy hump day! :)

I received an interesting question/thought for my blog last night that I would like to openly discuss with all of you. Let’s talk for a moment about how peer pressure plays into healthy living.

I was asked how to stay focused on goals of leading a healthy lifestyle when there are so many distractors in this world?

One of the biggest distractors is of course the people we surround ourselves with. We all know how it feels to wake up and eat a good healthy breakfast, only to get to work to find tempting homemade sweets brought in by coworkers. Or what about friends who seem to always want to go out for beer and pizza? What do you do?

Well the very BEST piece of advice I can give you, in a perfect world is to make friends with people who have similar healthy values as you. Of course, most of the time our friends pick us and we can’t control their priorities.

The next best thing is to try and be the light of positivity in your circles. I know it’s challenging to always be the one to order healthier choices at restaurants or decline sweets, but it is so worth it. If nothing else, people will admire your self-control. Hopefully it will spark something in them as well and they will want to start doing better for themselves.

Ultimately though, peer pressure should not be holding you back from reaching your health goals. It is SO important that you surround yourself with people who love you and support and encourage you to reach for more than you can imagine. If you tell your friends and family about what you’re doing, they should get on board with that for you. Friendships are meant to inspire us. Friends who try to push you down are not real friends – as cliche as that may sound. Seriously though, recruit your friends, family, and coworkers to be your cheerleaders and play an active role in helping you achieve your health goals.

On a final note ….. You should give yourself a break every now and then and just give in to the peer pressure already! There are always sweets strolling into my office, and I normally decline and chew peppermint gum to keep my mouth busy. BUT if it involves chocolate and I’m having a particularly weak moment, I give in. And it’s because we lead healthy lives most of the time that we are able to satisfy cravings every now and then and not feel guilty!

Now you tell me:

What do you think about peer pressure and how does it effect your health goals?


2 thoughts on “Peer Pressure: have another slice!

  1. Uncle Dan

    Good morning Courtney,

    Interesting topic, peer pressure.

    Peer pressure exist in all life forms with many different words used to define peer pressure. Some people believe it is a part of the natural order of things.

    Balance in all things… where there is peer pressure to have balance there also needs to be personal self awareness and personal self confidence. peer pressure can be painful even dangerous for anyone who doesn’t understand self awareness and self confidence.

  2. bayrunnerjamie

    Great post! My boyfriend is an athlete and it helps me stay really healthy because he has to eat so clean, especially when he is in training for a competition. I do have to have my dark chocolate at night though!


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