Final Long Run before my First Half

I hope everyone is off to a great start for a long weekend! If you’ve been paying attention, you know I only have one week left till the St Augustine Half marathon! I am getting so stoked!!

St Augustine Half Marathon

This journey of training has been one of growth to be sure. I ran 10 miles this morning as my last long run in preparation for the race. This was a full-on dress rehearsal of sorts. I wore a very a similar outfit and paid attention to my routine getting ready. I even made a list of the products I use so I remember to pack them later this week before we leave for St Augustine.

What’s in my race day bag?

Neutrogena facial wipes, Secret sport clinically fresh deodorant, Loreal face sunscreen, vapor rub, extra hair ties and bobby pins, Johnson’s lavender-scented lotion, and some ibuprofen just in case!

Like I said my training journey has been all about growth; over the past 6 months, I have grown into such a different type of runner than I ever imagined I would be. I am more focused on my own run now, and not so focused on others around me. I am more steady in my breathing. I feel more balanced and in tune with what my body wants/needs in terms of training, rest, stretching, and strength. This morning’s run was dedicated to reflecting on all of these changes and it felt great to realize where I’ve come and think about where I’m going!

Here is the break down of my run this morning:

  • First three miles: averaging 10 min/mi
  • Arrived at the bridge and ran up and down about 4 times to get in a fair amount of elevation training, to better reflect what my race route will look like.
  • Second three miles: averaging 9:45 min/mi
  • Third three miles: averaging 9:35 min/mi
  • Last mile: 9:26 min/mi

After my run I enjoyed a nice chocolate milk/banana smoothie and then headed off to the Farmers Market to stock up for the week. Now I am just lounging around, icing my foot a bit, and resting  up before heading out to watch my Knights take it home this evening! Go UCF!!

What’s on your running schedule for this week?


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