Pumpkin Soup for the Runners Tapering Soul

Tapering. Sucks. Nuf’ said.

This week is all about resting, staying healthy, and preparing my mind and body for the 13.1 miles I will run on Sunday. I’ve gotten mixed opinions about tapering for the half: some say it isn’t necessary, some say to taper for two weeks out. I settled with a one week mileage cutback – giving myself plenty of recovery time.

I get to run 3 miles tomorrow ….. And I’m sure you can tell I’m really looking forward to it!! I haven’t gotten all batshit-runner crazy at this point (as some runners make it look)

But I have been a teensy bit on the grumpy side! Thankfully my boyfriend is super supportive and not taking offense to moodiness.

In other news, here are two things that are keeping me somewhat distracted from running and happy.

One: We got most of our Christmas decor up already!

Two: Steven and I made a filling pumpkin soup for dinner, using this recipe! It was fantastic and I definitely recommend trying it out if you have the taste for fall like I do!

Have a good night everyone!!

No question for today…. But I am soliciting for any free, last minute advice for preparing for my first half!


7 thoughts on “Pumpkin Soup for the Runners Tapering Soul

  1. vickiemariko

    I get grumpy without my running too!! But I do think tapering is necessary in order to run at your best for a long distance race. I’m like you, one week is enough, two feels like I start to decrease.

  2. fullmoonrunner

    Good luck on Sunday! I don’t taper much for a half these days, but I do cut down the milage a for a week. Tapering is really difficult, you’re doing well! As for the race, I’d say make sure you hydrate properly, both on the days before as well as on the day of the race. On the day, go slow at first, otherwise you might set yourself up for an unneccessary battle in the second half of the race. However, my main advice is always to relax and just enjoy the run. Enjoy the race atmospere, but don’t let it stress you – remember that you run for fun! Best of luck! =)

  3. bayrunnerjamie

    Sometimes I will taper before a half, but sometimes I will even do a longish run the Wednesday before. I think everyone’s body is different. So excited for you, can’t wait to hear how it goes!


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