Motivation Monday No. 8

Happy Monday afternoon!! I am writing this as I ride back into town from St Augustine (don’t worry I’m not driving, my chauffer Steven has the wheel!)

This weekend was the best! I will have a race review and recap of the weekend up shortly!! Although I should probably focus on adult things like unpacking, laundry, and dinner first when I get home; so please be patient with me, but I promise the review will be up this week!

For today’s Monday Motivation I want to give you a brief glimpse into my race and tell you about what motivated me from mile 12 to push to the end….

As you know in races you tend to fall around the same group of people for the majority of the time due to similar pacing. I had been running next to and watching this woman for quite a while. I noticed she seemed to be a bit older, possibly 60’s and still seemed to be in awesome shape and fitness! She was beautiful, and watching her run inspired me. We had smiled at eachother a few times and exchanged a few encouraging comments. She seemed to be super focused, and I appreciated that!

Right after the last water stop, as we were both falling back into our race pace, I heard her yell out “I CAN FINISH STRONG” (emphasis on STRONG)! I was overcome with motivation, to the point that I felt it running through my veins! I yelled out “YES!” And we both pushed hard through to the finish line! (In actuality, I don’t know that I actually yelled yes….I really can’t remember, but it was probably some sort of awkward of squealing noise!)

This woman probably has no idea how much her little mantra to her self actually motivated me and possibly the other runners who heard her. I know alot of us have things we say to ourselves to keep us going, but why not proclaim them for everyone to hear every now and then?

Hope you all have a great week!

Do you have a workout mantra?
How was your weekend? Any running?


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