St Augustine Half Marathon Recap

Race: St Augustine Half Marathon


Date: November 17, 2013

Time: 07:05 AM

Location: Francis Field, St Augustine, FL

Note: My first half marathon (post about training for a first half to come)


I was super anxious in the days leading up to the race. Part of this was normal race jitters. Part of it was because this would be my longest distance yet. Mostly it was because my shoes have finally worn down and I wasn’t sure if they would hold up for me through the race. I had nightmares of getting injured mid race due to my shoes. Thankfully, nothing of the sort played out. I knew I was prepared and had trained hard, so I tried not to let the anxiety get me down!

Sarina and her hubby met me and Steven in St Augustine on Saturday. We went to the Chianti Room for dinner to enjoy a plate of pasta and some good laughs. Back at the hotel, Sarina and I painted our nails (girly, I know), laid out all of our stuff, and took a few pictures before heading to bed. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve night, I couldn’t wait till morning!

before st augustine

Race day:

With everything ready to go, there were no issues to deal with In the morning. However, I wish we would have arrived to the race a bit earlier. We got to the field in just enough time to use the porta potty (gross), snap a few pictures, have a light stretch/warm up and then fall in line. I wish we would have allowed a little more time to not be so rushed!

st augustine half marathon

We lined up with the 10 minute pace group.

After the national anthem and the gunfire, we were off!


Mile 1: SO much excitement!!! We headed from the Fort over the Bridge of Lions. This bridge isn’t super steep, so no big deal. I felt like a rockstar!

st augustine

Mile 2-5: I started to get into a real groove, running right at 10 minute miles. I cranked up my music and focused on pacing myself. Sarina and I stayed together, and exchanged a few smiles and a little conversation every so often. Around mile 5 I pulled out my fuel and started sipping, from here I took a sip about every quarter mile or so till it was gone.

running fuel

I fueled with Coco, its like sip-able apple sauce

Mile 6-9: Headed over bridge number 2, this one much steeper. I pushed myself up fairly quickly focusing on form and running strong; then paced myself going down to be sure I didn’t pound on my feet too hard. Then we took a u-turn and had to head right back up the hill! This time it was much more difficult! But it was still over before I knew it and I was back down! After that, I knew the hardest part was behind me!

Mile 10-12: I started to gain some speed, a second wind if you will. I was feeling great so I broke away from my group and started running around an 8:45-9 minute/mile pace.

st augustine light house

Mile 13.1: At this point I started to feel a little emotional. I turned off my music and started listening to all of the spectators yelling at me to “keep going; you’re almost there; you’re only half crazy”! I knew I had done it! I had accomplished my goal. This was the moment I had imagined so many times over the last 8 months of training! This was it!!

st augustine half marathon

Official Stats:

My total finish time was 2 hours 16 minutes and 25 seconds. I placed 25 out of 45 females in my age category. Nailed it!!!

Most of all, I am proud that I finished. I did exactly what I set out to do! And I had alot of fun doing it!

st augustine half marathon

This is us saying 1 3 . 1 – get it?! We know we’re nerds!!

See ya next year @OldCity!!


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