Five on Friday

Good morning and happy (it’s-almost-the-freakin-weekend)day!!

I have been in a super positive mood lately, but it feels like my mind has been going 100 miles a minute! I figured I would share some things that are makin me smile this week, and hopefully they’ll make you happy too!!

Since I’m writing about happy things anyway, I’ll go ahead and join in the Five on Friday link up to meet some new friends!

Thanks Liz for the linkup! Hereeeee we go!

1) Publix Premium Coconut Road frozen yogurt

I believe this is a limited edition item and not necessarily new, but it is new in my book! And I am loving it!! Coconut is one of my favorite flavors, and ice cream is my favorite dessert….so this is basically perfect! Plus it’s pretty low in fat since it’s actually frozen yogurt! Publix, you rock!

2) Hippie Runner waist belt

I have been wanting something new to wear while running to keep the essentials in. I was finally satisfied with an armband that fit my iphone 4s, but when I got the 5s, of course that didn’t work anymore. So I decided to change things up completely and I’m glad I did! I’m loving this waistband! It doesn’t bounce at all and I hardly even notice it’s there. I can fit my phone, key, ID, and a snack! I used it in my race and it worked great!! I appreciate the divided smaller compartment which is perfect for my key and Chapstick. Bonus: it’s water resistant, and it comes with attachments for race bibs!

3) Colder weather

I love fall time, and although it’s moving into winter across the country, FL is just getting into colder fall weather and I can’t get enough of it! I’m also using it as an excuse for my favorite warm, comforting meals! Bring on the big bowl of pasta!!

4) My new 13.1 bumper magnet

Even though certain people think we runners just want to brag about our accomplishments to annoy non-runners with our magnets and tshirts and what have you, I disagree. I was proud to place this magnet on my car this weekend, because it shows that I am serious and passionate about my sport! Yes, I talk about running a lot? Oh, you don’t like it? Then I probably don’t like you.

5) The Knights Football

Can you believe how good of a season we’re having? Hoping for a spot in the BCS bowl!! #blackandgold

What are you loving lately?
Got any plans this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. andy1076

    I think that magnet is awesome and anyone who complains should be glad you’ve given them something to talk about lol :) we’ll deserved frozen yogurt by the way! :)


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