St Augustine Half Marathon – Final thoughts

After my recap post last week, and reflecting on my St Augustine weekend, I realize there are still a few things I want to point out about the race experience.

Pro: Great location!!
I can’t say this enough, St Augustine is a beautiful city to run in!
Con: I wish the race route covered more ground through the historic district.

Pro: Large Expo area at Francis Field with a great atmosphere and lots of music and fun!
Con: If you’re going to this race, bring hand sanitizer!!! I am actually adding it to my bag for any future races! Porta-pottys are gross to begin with. But these were probably the worst I’ve seen in a while. And to top it off, there were no sanitizer dispensers or a wash station. Eww!!

Pro: Plenty of water stations!! All of the volunteers were super nice, supportive, and dressed in cute costumes! There was plenty of water plus fuel at each of the stations.

Pro: Post-race food spread! Two thumbs up!
Con: Runners should get a free beer ;) Just my suggestion!

Overall it was a great trip and St Augustine put on a beautiful race!!

Now I promise I will stop talking about this one …. and start planning my next race! :)

This week is super exciting!! After taking a week off from running, I will be happy to start running again tomorrow. Steven and I are going to South Florida to visit his family for Gobble day, and we will both be running in the Turkey Trot this year! Finally, I am excited to start the Elf 4 Health challenges tomorrow!!


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