Elf 4 Health – Meatless Monday

Happy first day of Elf 4 Health everyone!! If you don’t know about this awesome networking challenge, check out the site here. If you aren’t participating in this go round, you still have time to sign up for next time by DEC 8. Also, if you aren’t participating, you may still be interested in this post, so keep reading! All you need to know about Elf 4 Heath is that every day for the next 4 weeks I will be receiving a new daily health challenge in my inbox … and that I am super excited for it, so will probably have quite a few posts about it!! :) Starting today!
The first day of the Elf 4 Health Challenge asks us to have a Meatless Monday! I was so excited to see this, because I have done it before and I truly enjoy testing my ability to come up with healthy, satisfying meals that do not contain meat. I am not a vegetarian, but I do enjoy eating fruits and veggies! And I fully believe I could live on pasta and wine!

My best piece of advice for a meatless day is to throw the rules out the window! Enjoy your favorite foods and make it fun! Plan ahead and be sure to include a sufficient amount of protein from non-meat sources.

This morning for breakfast I was in the mood for savory, but didn’t have time to cook. I opted for a few pumpkin seed wheat crackers with a couple slices of cheese. (Again I had limited time, so I didn’t get any pictures, sorry!)

Mondays are kind of busy for me and I don’t always have time to sit down and eat a meal for lunch. However, I packed a few snacks that I knew would keep me satisfied throughout the day.

I’ve got grapes, apples, and celery all washed, sliced, and ready to eat, along with homemade almond butter (if you haven’t made your own, you need to try it!! Check out the how-to here). I also packed a Greek yogurt with some granola.

Now on to the creative part ….. here is what my plan is for dinner:                                           Couscous salad with Kale and Chickpeas!

Meatless Meal

The ingredients are all easy to find and fairly inexpensive (except for couscous, which can get pricey, but I found mine on sale). You could substitute any other grain such as Quinoa or even brown rice.

Soak the kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and basil in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and white wine vinegar (or a splash of white wine if you have it on hand). Prepare the couscous as usual. Saute the red onions with garlic. Mix in the chickpeas as the onions finish, to heat them up. Combine everything in a large bowl and enjoy!

I’ve made this before and its always really yummy! This is definately one of those meals where you don’t miss the meat! The kale stands up really well to give it that crunchy texture. And its packed with protien, carbs, and fiber so its super filling! I can’t wait to cook and eat this up tonight after my evening run!!

Like I said, the best thing to keep in mind with a meatless Monday is to have fun with it and be creative!!

Have you ever tried going meatless for a day?

Are you or have you ever considered a vegetarian lifestyle?

Are you participating in Elf 4 Health, how did your meatless day go?


4 thoughts on “Elf 4 Health – Meatless Monday

  1. TartanJogger

    I try to have a meatless day at least two or three times a week- some weeks I do better than others! I’d never go totally veggie, though; I like turkey and bacon too much!


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