13 Things I’m Thankful for in 2013

I am writing this from mid-air late Thursday evening on a flight to the beautiful state of North Carolina. You probably won’t see this posted until sometime Friday, so I apologize if at this point you are tired of reading *thankful* posts.

(I guess this post is more for myself in that sense.)

This flight was an unexpected one. My original Thanksgiving plans were to spend the weekend in South Florida with Stevens family. However, the unexpected happened. Shortly after arriving in South Florida I received news that my grandmother was in the hospital. She went to heaven Thursday morning around 2am.

I completed my Turkey Trot in honor of her this morning.

And I ate Thanksgiving dinner with Stevens family as planned.

But after that, I was on the next flight to NC to be with family. We will be celebrating her life this weekend. And we will all carry on her memory and her spirit and her love for life forever.

You see, I know everyone thinks their grandmother is/was the best. But mine was the very best. This woman was an inspiration. I will write and post soon about lessons I learned from her.

For tonight, since it is still Thanksgiving, I will post a list of things I’m thankful for.

13 things I’m thankful for in 2013:

1) God. That he is in control, always. And His plan is good.
2) Family.
3) I am thankful for the opportunity to know, experience, share with, learn from, love, and be loved by my grandmother
4) Steven, and his kind heart and patience for me. Steven has been a calm rock through this.
5) And while we’re at it, I am thankful for his family and for them welcoming me into their home and sharing their love.
6) Friends, extended family, work family, and my church family. (Noticing a trend with me being especially thankful for family this year??)
7) My passion for healthy living, eating, running. The fact that I’ve made this a lifestyle.
8) My country. My freedom. And all the men and women who fight for it daily, including law enforcement, fire, and public safety.
9) The ability to work.
10) This blog. I started this blog about a year ago. Writing has become such an awesome outlet for me.
11) All of YOU, my readers. I love hearing from you. The healthy living blogging community is growing and I love how connected and supportive we are.
12) My Brady. ( You know she shows up I every list I make)
13) Finally I am thankful for laughter. Life is short, but it is oh so sweet. And I am thankful to smile and laugh and be happy through it all.

What are you thankful for this year? Since this will post in the future, I will go ahead and ask, how is Black Friday shopping going?


6 thoughts on “13 Things I’m Thankful for in 2013

  1. Uncle Dan

    Thankful for so many things….but right at this moment what comes to mind is this.

    Thankful you are a part of this family and you have come home to be with all of us.
    We love you.

  2. peppergorun

    Your loss totally touched my heart, I pray you have more comfort, peace and love than you know what to do with :). Losing a loved one is soo hard! I just lost my grandfather last month, that was rough too. He was a believer and was actually so ready to meet Christ, if you have to lose someone, it’s best to lose them to a place more wonderful than earth! By the way, loved your blog title, clever! Black Friday damage was high this year, my husband and I bought two macbook’s. Eeek!! I could and would tell you why I’m thankful but man this comment would be long! ;)


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