Taste the Rainbow Pasta – Gluten Free Veggie Pasta

Good evening readers –

First of all to update you on things with my family: the service to celebrate my grandmother’s life was beautiful. My grandmother was an amazing woman and she will be dearly missed by many! I am still planning to post more about her once I can gather my thoughts! For now, I am going to post on a little bit of a lighter, more flavorful subject – PASTA!!

Today’s Elf4Health challenge is Taste the Rainbow! No we are not supposed to eat a bag of skittles, but instead to eat as many colorful fruits and veggies as we can!

If you know me, you know I’m a pasta-addict! So I decided to make a colorful, veggie pasta dish!

One of the things I think I love most about pasta is how easy it is to modify! You can make so many different meals out of it! For this dish, I used these fun spiraly gluten-free noodles!

The GF noodles cooked up really quick and I combined them with assorted sautéed veggies for each of the colors of the rainbow, and a light olive oil/lemon juice/italian seasoning sauce!

Red Pepper (crushed flakes)
Orange carrots
Yellow Squash
Green Brocoli
Blue mushrooms
Indigo thyme
Violet onions

The pasta tasted really light, but for a meatless meal it was actually quite filling! the mushrooms and squash gave it a lot of depth. The boyfriend really enjoyed this one too, so definately a win!

If you ask me Elf for Health is really about, makin little choices through out the day durring the holiday season. Little choices that make your mind and your body happy!

Alright now its time for me to finally watch Sunday’s episode of Walking Dead and then head to bed like a zombie! I know, thats not funny!

Have a good night everyone!!


Do you eat any gluten-free meals? Meatless? Do you like dishes with lots of different flavors or simpler plates?

Are you an Elf for Health? How was your Taste the Rainbow Tuesday?


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