I’m going STREAKING – 2014 running goals

Happy limbo weekend! Haha! I heard the term Limbo weekend on the Today show this morning; it means the weekend between Christmas and New Years! I loved it, so I am probably going to be saying it all weekend! Yes, I’m officially a nerd.

Anywho …. I wanted to drop in and see what kind of running goals everyone has for this coming year?

First let’s talk Christmas, shall we? I think my family knows my sweet spot with the running gear presents!! I got a new pair of brooks, a cold weather running outfit, and compression socks!

My dad and I went out for a run on Christmas morning and I got to try out the cold weather running outfit!

Then today I got to try out my new Brooks!

And I have been wearing my compression socks all day :)

Okay, now to transition into talking about the year to come! As a type-A girl, New Year’s is one of my favorite holidays! I love goal setting, planning, and finding new passions to get motivated about – and New Years is the perfect excuse to make time for all of these things.

I have been looking through some of my blog friends’ posts and found some creative ideas such as training for a first new distance – what ever that might be – 5k, half marathon, or full marathons, or running 1000 miles in 2014, or like Jamie who is planning on running TWO full marathons! Elle has a fantastic list full of great nutrition-centered goals for the new year.

As for me, this year will be all about the thirteen point one again. I plan on running two halves this year, and really honing in on lowering my time. My first half marathon was completed in two hours and sixteen minutes; so as I train for my next one, I will be aiming to finish a little closer to the two hour mark.

But the running goal I am most excited about this year is ……. I am going to start STREAKING!!! If you aren’t familiar with this running term, don’t worry I will stay fully clothed ;) I am talking about a run streak, it means you run every day for at least a certain distance for an extended amount of days – weeks – months – or years. Many runners, stronger than I am, ran every day for the whole year in 2013 (see inspiremovementgal, or runaday on Instagram). Some have been running every day for over 20 years and still counting, see Matt Ketterman. These type of journeys are awesome and inspiring to me.

I don’t know how exactly it is going to work out for me, but what I do know is this: the only way I will find out is to just do it. Like anything else in fitness, just do it! So at least for the month of January, I am going to run at least 1 mile a day. From there I will take it month by month and see what happens! :)

Have you ever streaked?? What was your experience with it?

How was your Christmas? Any new running gear?!

What are your fitness goals for 2014?


5 thoughts on “I’m going STREAKING – 2014 running goals

  1. bayrunnerjamie

    Such a great goal! I think a mile a day is perfect! I like to have a day off in between my runs, but a mile a day is totally manageable.
    We have the same pair of Brooks! I just got a new pair of Asics for Christmas, but my older shoes aren’t worn out yet so I will probably alternate them until I get full use out of my Brooks.

    Glad you had a good Christmas! :)

  2. Tonya@Healthy, Fit, and Frugal

    Good luck with your streak! I almost typed steak. Maybe I’m hungry? I’d consider doing two half marathons this year…depending on how the first one goes. It might be a run walk one :( so I’d like to do one where I run the whole thing. We’ll see!

    1. Court @princessandthejog Post author

      Oh great goal! My first half marathon involved a couple of walk breaks – or extremely slow jog breaks. I am looking to run another one sometime this year and run the whole thing :) Any ideas which races you are considering?


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