Running Streak – Week 1 check in

Good morning! And congratulations on making it through the first week of the New Year! How are you doing on those resolutions?

Outside of my running streak, I haven’t really spoken much to what my other resolutions for this year are. I have a few that are personal that I will leave off of the blog for now. But I do want to share one other resolution of mine. This year I am going to make the effort to start being more honest with myself and others around me. I spend a lot of energy trying to please others, and I’m learning that it is usually not worth it. Have you experienced this? I waste a lot of time stressing over what others are going to think of decisions I make for myself. When I say ‘others’, I’m talking about people who I love. And I’m realizing that if I love them, and they love me, then it should not matter what decisions I make for myself. So that’s where I’m at. Like anytime we try to adjust our thought patterns, this is not going to be easy; but I believe it is manageable.

Alright, moving on to RUNSTREAK talk! The first week was more difficult then I thought it would be for sure. I intentionally ran low mileage this first week in an effort to not become overwhelmed. One of the things I am trying to teach myself through this streak is that even if I only have time for 1 mile; 1 is better than no miles!

Even though I have trained hard and ran many more miles per week in the past, this week was specifically about learning to adopt the routine.

Day 1 – Wednesday – New Year’s Day – 1 mile

Day 2 – Thursday – 1 mile (Also completed a circuit workout this day)

I didn’t take any pictures from the circuit workout, but it was alot of core and leg steengthening exercises – and it pretty much kicked my butt!

Day 3 – Friday – 2.5 miles

Day 4 – Saturday – 1.5 miles

Day 5 – Sunday – 3 miles”>

I couldn’t help but stop and snap a photo of these grazing cows!

Day 6 – Monday – 5k (3.2 miles) >>> I am going to work on improving on my 5k time over the next few months – for now its right at 28 minutes.

Day 7 – Tuesday – 1 mile – coldest day of the week! All i could manage was 1 mile!!

If nothing else, this challenge is teaching me that my limits can be pushed. I have kind of been living my training life by running when I feel like, and not running when I don’t feel like it. But this is pushing me to learn that even if I don’t feel like it – its all part of the process and every run counts.

Hope you are all having success with your resolutions! Does anyone have their race calendar set up for the year yet? Still working on mine!


5 thoughts on “Running Streak – Week 1 check in

  1. fullmoonrunner

    Great work, well done for keeping it up! I also fully sympathise with the non-running resolution you have mentioned – I’m also learning that it’s much better to be honest with those we love, even if it can be difficult in the moment… Over time, it’s almost always better. It’s a noble resolution as well, and I wish you all the best with it!

    1. Court @princessandthejog Post author

      Good luck to you with that resolution as well, I think it will be a tough one. But like everything else in life, once the habit is built it will stick. Overtime, we will both become more comfortable with make decisions that are honest and in line with our own values.


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