Are you Spartan Strong? GIVEAWAY – Special Ops Spartan Sprint

In addition to running everyday, one of my goals for 2014 is to experience different types of races. Yes, I have done the Color Run before (twice), and I have ran countless 5k’s, a 10k, and a half marathon. And I want to continue to work on that half marathon distance, as well as my 5k speed. But I also want to compliment that training with some strength training. I’m not talking about lifting a few weights; I want to challenge myself to do things that I honestly don’t know weather or not I can do! And what better way to enjoy strength training and push my limits then trying out an obstacle race?


A bucket list race for me is the Spartan Beast. In the mean time though, I am thinking it may be wise to start on a smaller scale with a Spartan Sprint, and why not start now! Who’s with me? Okay, I know, you want to know more about it before you jump off the couch and register! Well I will tell you about it, but first I want to get this out there: one of my readers will be receiving a FREE entry to the Special Ops Spartan Sprint being held in Tampa, FL on February 15th, 2014. Additionally, everyone who participates in this giveaway will get an email from me with a 15% off code.


There’s a fire in everyone, they have it in them and they need an outlet.

So, what is the Special Ops Spartan Race? First of all, you should know, it is NOT for the weak! This is what they have to say about it:

Spartan Sprints are muddy 3+ MILES / 15+ OBSTACLES course races. The Special Ops Spartan Race Tampa is being held at the Raymond James Stadium on Saturday February 15th. Charity proceeds will benefit the USSOCOM Care Coalition – which helps support wounded warriors. This Special Ops Spartan Sprint will be 3+ miles of mud combined with the challenge of the signature Spartan stadium obstacles all with maneuvers and strategy created by Special Ops Forces. Each finisher will receive a unique Special Ops Spartan Sprint Medal with bragging rights of accomplishing the most unique Spartan event. Beginners to hardcore warriors, and marathon runners alike come out to test themselves on the insane obstacles! 2014_Generic_Promo-Card2_SRM

I should also mention that Law Enforcement and Military will receive a $30 discount on registration. You can also get discounts for joining a team of 4 or more people. However, I am not sure if you can combine the 15% code I have with other discounts … I would say to at least try it!

So GIVEAWAY time!! Like I said, one of you will receive a FREE entry! I will choose the winner at random based on participation. If you don’t win, not to worry – everyone who participates will receive an email from me with a 15% code. So EVERYONE wins!

In order to participate all you need to do is go follow Princessnthejog on twitter, or instagram, or like the facebook page (all you need to do is one, but of course 3 is better). Additionally, head over and check out Spartan Race on twitter.  Finally, comment below and tell me what is your motivation to complete the Special Ops Spartan Sprint? Important: be sure and leave your email address in the comment below so I can get a hold of you to send the discount code or let you know you won!

I’m running this giveaway on the blog until 8pm Wednesday January 15th! I will contact the winner directly before midnight on Wednesday.

*Note: The opinions in this post are my own and I was intending to run a Spartan Race without them approaching me. However, you should know that I was asked to write this post by Spartan Race in return for one free race entry for myself.


6 thoughts on “Are you Spartan Strong? GIVEAWAY – Special Ops Spartan Sprint

  1. Alberto

    I won’t be doing the Special Ops Spartan Sprint but I will be doing the Spartan Super in Texas in May with my girlfriend. We met at a mud run last year and this will be right around our anniversary. It’s going to be EPIC!

  2. Greg

    My motivation to complete the race would be is I’m starting to really enjoy running and want the finisher medal so I can start showing it off. Maybe i can be lucky enough to make it on a promo photo. :)

  3. Ivette

    I wanna do it!! Sounds like so much fun! I’ve never done an actual race before so I’ll probably die though….but I don’t care! :)


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