13 Things I’m Thankful for in 2013

I am writing this from mid-air late Thursday evening on a flight to the beautiful state of North Carolina. You probably won’t see this posted until sometime Friday, so I apologize if at this point you are tired of reading *thankful* posts.

(I guess this post is more for myself in that sense.)

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A Short Workout is Better than None

This morning Steven and I left for South Florida to see his family for Thanksgiving. The car ride isn’t too terribly long and we normally make it fun with lots of music and car dancing :) Today we’re listening to alot of country music like Darius Rucker! I love his sound!!
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Elf 4 Health – Meatless Monday

Happy first day of Elf 4 Health everyone!! If you don’t know about this awesome networking challenge, check out the site here. If you aren’t participating in this go round, you still have time to sign up for next time by DEC 8. Also, if you aren’t participating, you may still be interested in this post, so keep reading! All you need to know about Elf 4 Heath is that every day for the next 4 weeks I will be receiving a new daily health challenge in my inbox … and that I am super excited for it, so will probably have quite a few posts about it!! :) Starting today!
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St Augustine Half Marathon – Final thoughts

After my recap post last week, and reflecting on my St Augustine weekend, I realize there are still a few things I want to point out about the race experience.

Pro: Great location!!
I can’t say this enough, St Augustine is a beautiful city to run in!
Con: I wish the race route covered more ground through the historic district.
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Five on Friday

Good morning and happy (it’s-almost-the-freakin-weekend)day!!

I have been in a super positive mood lately, but it feels like my mind has been going 100 miles a minute! I figured I would share some things that are makin me smile this week, and hopefully they’ll make you happy too!!

Since I’m writing about happy things anyway, I’ll go ahead and join in the Five on Friday link up to meet some new friends!
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Our Old City Weekend

Although I have been to St Augustine numerous times before, this trip was especially exciting for more than one reason. Of course it was exciting because of my half marathon! But it was also special because this was mine and Stevens first opportunity to do St Augustine together.

If you have never been, the city of St Augustine is super cute and a lot of fun! And this trip did not disappoint!
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