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Taste the Rainbow Pasta – Gluten Free Veggie Pasta

Good evening readers –

First of all to update you on things with my family: the service to celebrate my grandmother’s life was beautiful. My grandmother was an amazing woman and she will be dearly missed by many! I am still planning to post more about her once I can gather my thoughts! For now, I am going to post on a little bit of a lighter, more flavorful subject – PASTA!!

Today’s Elf4Health challenge is Taste the Rainbow! No we are not supposed to eat a bag of skittles, but instead to eat as many colorful fruits and veggies as we can!

If you know me, you know I’m a pasta-addict! So I decided to make a colorful, veggie pasta dish!
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Muscle restart work out

I realized the other day that I am potentially very close to injury in my running. I have gotten so comfortable with just leaving the house for a run that I have completely neglected all other forms of cross-training. I haven’t had a good extended stretch session or done any strength training in months. No wonder I feel so weak :( So I decided I needed to push myself to restart my muscles and then get back into a more diverse weekly workout routine.

This morning I set out to begin working on building muscle again, I call this a muscle restart because its not to challenging but it hits each of the core areas and pushes your muscles to start working again. Here’s the workout:
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