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Are you Spartan Strong? GIVEAWAY – Special Ops Spartan Sprint

In addition to running everyday, one of my goals for 2014 is to experience different types of races. Yes, I have done the Color Run before (twice), and I have ran countless 5k’s, a 10k, and a half marathon. And I want to continue to work on that half marathon distance, as well as my 5k speed. But I also want to compliment that training with some strength training. I’m not talking about lifting a few weights; I want to challenge myself to do things that I honestly don’t know weather or not I can do! And what better way to enjoy strength training and push my limits then trying out an obstacle race?

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Running Streak – Week 1 check in

Good morning! And congratulations on making it through the first week of the New Year! How are you doing on those resolutions?

Outside of my running streak, I haven’t really spoken much to what my other resolutions for this year are. I have a few that are personal that I will leave off of the blog for now. But I do want to share one other resolution of mine. This year I am going to make the effort to start being more honest with myself and others around me. I spend a lot of energy trying to please others, and I’m learning that it is usually not worth it. Have you experienced this? I waste a lot of time stressing over what others are going to think of decisions I make for myself. When I say ‘others’, I’m talking about people who I love. And I’m realizing that if I love them, and they love me, then it should not matter what decisions I make for myself. So that’s where I’m at. Like anytime we try to adjust our thought patterns, this is not going to be easy; but I believe it is manageable.

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I’m going STREAKING – 2014 running goals

Happy limbo weekend! Haha! I heard the term Limbo weekend on the Today show this morning; it means the weekend between Christmas and New Years! I loved it, so I am probably going to be saying it all weekend! Yes, I’m officially a nerd.

Anywho …. I wanted to drop in and see what kind of running goals everyone has for this coming year?
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Motivation Monday No. 8

Happy Monday afternoon!! I am writing this as I ride back into town from St Augustine (don’t worry I’m not driving, my chauffer Steven has the wheel!)

This weekend was the best! I will have a race review and recap of the weekend up shortly!! Although I should probably focus on adult things like unpacking, laundry, and dinner first when I get home; so please be patient with me, but I promise the review will be up this week!
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Motivational Monday image


This image basically reflects how I’ve been feeling lately. I try to always surround myself by positive people, but every now and then we all face people who try to discourage us. My strategy has always been to accept negative comments as a challenge to show them, it can be done.

I am looking at under two weeks till half marathon day! That means one week of running, then taper, then it’s go time! I’m so excited, and of course a little nervous.

Hope everyone’s having a great start to their week! Happy November!!

Comment below: What do you do when faced with negativity?

Peer Pressure: have another slice!

Happy hump day! :)

I received an interesting question/thought for my blog last night that I would like to openly discuss with all of you. Let’s talk for a moment about how peer pressure plays into healthy living.

I was asked how to stay focused on goals of leading a healthy lifestyle when there are so many distractors in this world?
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Motivational Image


Happy Monday!! This Saturday I joined a few friends in a P90x tybo sesh. Talk about a tough workout to switch things up! I definitely needed something new to really tire my muscles out and this was just the thing. After our workout we all got to talking about what motivates us to get/stay healthy. And for me, it is definitely in line with the above quote – I am healthy because I feel I owe it to myself.

On that note, have a great week!

Comment below, what’s motivating you lately?!