About the Princess

Hi I’m Court, the writer here at PrincessandtheJog. This space is intended to be a lighthearted ‘wellness’ blog. My philosophy to living well is to embrace balance, stay active, and in all things find joy. Yes, I am a self-proclaimed princess, but if you’re reading this I bet you’re a princess too! At P&J, you will find ramblings about running, some recipes and healthy food posts, and a dash of stories from my life. You will not find negativity here. Although I am aware that life is not always rainbows and butterflies, I make a lot of effort to focus my energy on the positive in life and this blog is a reflection of that practice.

So here is what you may need or want to know about me:

I am a Christian, a follower of Christ, first, foremost, and above all other things.

I live in the beautiful, sunshiney state of Florida.

I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. In 2010, I administered cross-sectional research on the effects of exercise on self-esteem in college students. My findings displayed a significant relationship between exercise and mental well-being as well as cognitive function. I have learned much more along the way through my own personal experiences, and health has become a huge passion of mine!

torch run

I am a runner – I live for the feeling of pure freedom that running brings to my body and soul. I began in 2008, and for a couple of years it was more of a love/hate relationship that I pushed myself through to drop a few pounds. But the relationship grew, as soon as I stopped using it for weight loss and realized the millions of other benefits from running.  At this point in my life running is genuinely the best part of my day!

Finally, This story wouldn’t be about me if I didn’t mention my sweet baby – Brady.


^^This is Brady^^

my princess

Just like her mama, this little girl is an honest Princess!

And that about sums up everything I am going to share, thank you for visiting my corner of the web and I hope you enjoy reading.


8 thoughts on “About the Princess

  1. Bob

    Well now, Steven introduced me to your blog! I find it interesting thus far, am on a journey as well with weight loss and walking….even started jogging a bit this weekend. Got to ease into that! I am enjoying the weight loss has brought me.


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