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Tuscan Chicken – Gluten Free Recipe

Hi friends!

I have been experimenting lately with fresh, healthy recipes – which I know you’re thinking, is nothing new for me. The new part is that I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and looking to limit the amount of wheat I consume, while still cooking satisfying meals. If you know anything about me you know that I am a huge pasta and bread lover, so this is no easy feat.
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Salt-less Challenge: 6 Ways to Cook with Less Sodium (Guest Post)

Hi, I’m Madalyn and am excited to be writing for Court’s blog today! I was lucky to meet Court (virtually) through an online health challenge—Elf 4 Health, organized by Nutritionella—where we were paired to swap blogs for a day. So if your looking for Court, not to worry, she’s on Sweet on Cinnamon today!

Although we are miles apart—me being a Bay Area, California girl—we both have a love for pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Right now, I’m after dairy-free recipes and mastering a headstand. Besides blogging, cooking and being a yogi, I’m a Managing Editor for I Do Venues where I get to look and write about beautiful brides all day!
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Taste the Rainbow Pasta – Gluten Free Veggie Pasta

Good evening readers –

First of all to update you on things with my family: the service to celebrate my grandmother’s life was beautiful. My grandmother was an amazing woman and she will be dearly missed by many! I am still planning to post more about her once I can gather my thoughts! For now, I am going to post on a little bit of a lighter, more flavorful subject – PASTA!!

Today’s Elf4Health challenge is Taste the Rainbow! No we are not supposed to eat a bag of skittles, but instead to eat as many colorful fruits and veggies as we can!

If you know me, you know I’m a pasta-addict! So I decided to make a colorful, veggie pasta dish!
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Elf 4 Health – Meatless Monday

Happy first day of Elf 4 Health everyone!! If you don’t know about this awesome networking challenge, check out the site here. If you aren’t participating in this go round, you still have time to sign up for next time by DEC 8. Also, if you aren’t participating, you may still be interested in this post, so keep reading! All you need to know about Elf 4 Heath is that every day for the next 4 weeks I will be receiving a new daily health challenge in my inbox … and that I am super excited for it, so will probably have quite a few posts about it!! :) Starting today!
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Pumpkin Soup for the Runners Tapering Soul

Tapering. Sucks. Nuf’ said.

This week is all about resting, staying healthy, and preparing my mind and body for the 13.1 miles I will run on Sunday. I’ve gotten mixed opinions about tapering for the half: some say it isn’t necessary, some say to taper for two weeks out. I settled with a one week mileage cutback – giving myself plenty of recovery time.
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Lemon Basil Salmon

Good morning!

Today’s recipe is brought to you by one of my favorite foods – fish! I love seafood, but it is often forgotten about when it comes to meal planning. This recipe is easy to use and I hope this post encourages you to include more seafood in your diet!

First of all, what are the health benefits associated with fish like Salmon?

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Brown Rice Risotto with Shrooms

One of my favorite comfort foods to cook and to eat is risotto. But I recognize that the dish is not typically prepared healthfully. A lot of runners cling to high-carb meals; but its always a good idea to make sure the carbs we are taking in are whole and nutritious. This risotto is prepared with brown rice instead of pasta and it tastes just as delicious, I promise! Here is a sneak peak:

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